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Heartsigh Linen Tunic

Heartsigh Linen Tunic

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Heartsigh Linen Tunic is a simple pull-on style with rounded neckline. No functional garment should be without pockets and Heartsigh has two side pockets that flow with the movement of the body.

Each Heartsigh Tunic is made-to-order in Phoenix, Arizona where workers are paid a living wage. The made-to-order model is slightly more expensive but it eliminates waste and keeps unsold garments out of the landfill. 


100% Linen, ethically dyed with OEKO-Tex certification



This item is made to order and ships in 2-3 weeks from purchase.


Hand washing in cold water and line drying will give this garment it's longest life. Machine washing in cold water and a light tumble on low heat in the dryer is ok.

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